Two New Faculty Leaders Selected


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Two ISU faculty members have been selected to assume new leadership roles.

Dr. Arif Akgul will assume the duties of Chief Research Officer on July 1. The CRO has responsibility for working with three critical research compliance committees: the IACUC, IRB, and Biosafety. The CRO also helps coordinate grant submissions from faculty in cooperation with the Office of Sponsored Programs. Provost Chris Olsen noted that ISU has a long and impressive record in terms of faculty scholarship. The university has top-notch research facilities and labs in every college, equipped with the latest technologies.

“I am honored and excited to step into the role of Chief Research Officer (CRO) at Indiana State University,” said Dr. Akgul. “It's such an exciting opportunity for me to lead and contribute to the fantastic research activities and projects happening here at ISU. I'm genuinely looking forward to working with our incredible faculty and staff from different departments and fields, all of whom are passionate about research and innovation.”

“I’m thrilled that Dr. Akgul has agreed to take on the responsibilities of CRO,” said Provost Olsen. “He has a long record of scholarship and broad experience with the processes of research and publication. I’m confident he will help facilitate new opportunities for our faculty and help ensure that we adhere to the highest standards for compliance.” Olsen also expressed gratitude to Dr. Gregory Bierly, who has served as the Chief Research Officer for the past few years. His dedicated service and contributions to research and grant programs has been invaluable, as has his work in updating the procedures and work of the compliance committees.

Dr. Katherine Lee will become Director of Foundational Studies beginning on August 1. The Faculty Senate approved the newly revised Director of FS position at its last meeting in April. The Director will have oversight and coordination responsibilities for the review, assessment, and revision of the FS program at ISU.

“Foundational Studies courses play a central role in preparing students for life in and beyond ISU,” said Dr. Lee, “and I’m psyched to serve as the FS Director.” 

The FS Program is required of all ISU Undergraduate students and includes an array of critical courses in writing, communication, and analysis that represent a range of disciplinary perspectives. The FS Program addresses many key components of career readiness that have been identified as critical to employers and workforce development, including communication skills, understanding of diverse populations, critical thinking and analytical skills, quantitative literacy, and the ability to work in groups.

“The Foundational Studies program is, in many ways, the most critical part of a University education,” noted Provost Olsen. “Many alumni remember these classes as the most important they took, and among the most memorable. It’s in Foundational Studies that students learn a lot about communication, working with people who have different life histories and experiences or perspectives than their own, and many of the research and analytical skills that will serve them for decades and often across multiple careers.” Foundational Studies is the heart of a university curriculum, he concluded. “I’m grateful that Dr. Lee has agreed to take on the position. She is an experienced educator who has vast experience with Foundational Studies program, and she personally teaches FS courses in multiple different categories. We’re lucky to have Dr. Lee in this position.”

Olsen also expressed his gratitude to Dr. Linda Maule, outgoing Dean of University College, and Dr. Ann Rider, who has served in the role of Foundational Studies Council chair for the past several years. They have overseen comprehensive assessment and revision of the program, including the addition of new learning outcomes that have incorporated important goals for understanding diversity in the United States and the world. ISU’s FS program remains at the cutting edge, nationally, thanks to the work of Dr. Maule, Dr. Rider, and all the faculty who have served on the FS Council for the past decade.